Revised ITR : How Many Times Can You Revise and Key Deadlines to Remember

Revised Income Tax Returns (ITRs) play a crucial role in rectifying errors or omissions in your initial filing.

But do you know how many times you can revise your ITR and the important deadlines to keep in mind?

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Understanding Revised ITRs

Section 139(5) of the Income Tax Act 1961 empowers taxpayers to file revised ITRs to correct errors or omissions in their initial returns.

This provision acts as a safety net, ensuring accurate tax reporting.

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Deadline for Filing

For the financial year 2023-24 (assessment year 2024-25), the deadline to file your ITR without incurring late filing charges is July 31, 2024.

It’s essential to meet this deadline to avoid penalties.

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Number of Revisions Allowed

You can revise your ITR multiple times in India until July 31, 2024, as long as you meet the filing deadline.

This flexibility allows you to address any missed or incomplete details in your initial return effectively.

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Important Deadlines to Remember

Revised ITR Deadline

You have until December 31 of the relevant assessment year or until the conclusion of the department’s assessment process, whichever is earlier, to file a revised return under Section 139(5) of the Income Tax Act. Keeping track of this deadline ensures timely corrections.


Benefits of Filing Revised Returns

Filing a revised ITR offers several advantages:

  1. Tax Refund: Correcting errors or claiming missed deductions can result in a tax refund without blocking the refund process.
  2. Penalty Exemption: Unlike late returns, which may incur penalties, there are no penalties for filing revised ITRs.

This provides relief to taxpayers and encourages accurate reporting.


Understanding the process and deadlines associated with revised ITRs empowers taxpayers to rectify any discrepancies effectively and ensures compliance with tax regulations.

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