Railways likely to reduce Ticket Prices of short-route Vande Bharat Trains

Railways is currently reviewing the fares of certain Vande Bharat trains due to a significant number of vacant seats observed on short-distance routes.

Reports indicate that some Vande Bharat trains, which cover relatively short distances, have been unable to achieve full occupancy.

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To address this issue, the Railways is contemplating fare adjustments to make these trains more appealing to passengers.

Reviewing Fares to Boost Occupancy

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The fares of Vande Bharat trains operating on routes such as Indore-Bhopal, Bhopal-Jabalpur, and Nagpur-Bilaspur are currently under review.

These trains have been experiencing a considerable number of unoccupied seats.

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Official data accessed by PTI until June revealed that the Bhopal-Indore Vande Bharat train had only 29 percent seat occupancy, while the Indore-Bhopal train had reservations for only 21 percent of its seats.

For instance, the AC chair car fare for the approximately three-hour journey is currently priced at Rs 950, while the executive chair car fare stands at Rs 1525.

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Fare Reduction to Encourage Travel

The Vande Bharat trains offer journeys ranging from three to ten hours in duration, with the aim of providing passengers with a comfortable travel experience.


In light of the seat vacancy issue, senior railway officials have suggested that reducing fares in certain Vande Bharat trains,

particularly those operating on short-distance routes, could potentially improve their performance.


The Railways intends to attract a larger number of passengers to travel on these trains.

Efforts to Optimize Vande Bharat Operations

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While most Vande Bharat trains have high seat occupancy rates, there are a few trains that are facing challenges in this regard. The Railways is committed to making the necessary adjustments to ensure their success as well.

Presently, Vande Bharat trains are operational in 24 states and union territories across the country.

Among them, the Kasargod-Trivandrum Express stands out with an impressive booking rate of 183 percent, making it the top-performing Vande Bharat train.

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Additionally, trains running between Gandhinagar-Mumbai Central, Varanasi-New Delhi, Dehradun-Amritsar,

and Mumbai-Sholapur also have more than 100 percent seat reservations, showcasing their popularity among travelers.


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