Nothing launched New Black Variant of Nothing Ear 2 in India

Nothing, the tech company, has introduced a new black variant of its popular product, the Nothing Ear 2, in India.

The Ear 2 is known for its hi-res audio certification and noise cancellation capabilities.

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While the initial release of the Ear 2 featured only a white color variant, the company has now launched a sleek black version with some distinctive features.

Notably, the pricing remains unchanged for the new black variant.

Nothing Ear 2 Black Price and Availability Details

Priced at Rs 9,999 in India, the Ear 2 Black will be available for purchase starting July 21. Customers can find it on Flipkart and select retail stores.


However, for those who have pre-ordered the upcoming flagship phone (2), an early-access sale of the Ear 2 Black will be held from July 11 to July 20.

Unique Features of Nothing Ear 2 Black

The Nothing Ear 2 Black offers the same features and hardware as its white counterpart, with the only difference being the blacked-out parts that were previously white.


The design retains the semi-transparent stem, while a black sheet now covers certain internal components.

Additionally, the earbuds include silicone ear tips for improved grip and noise isolation.

The Ear 2’s 11.6mm custom driver ensures a powerful bass and crystal-clear highs,


complemented by a dual chamber design for an enhanced sound experience with smooth airflow.

Enhanced Sound Experience and Dual Connection Feature

The Ear 2 Black boasts a dual connection feature, enabling users to seamlessly switch between two devices.


Furthermore, it offers a personalized sound profile, wind-proof and crowd-proof clear voice technology,

and personalized active noise cancellation.

These features enhance the overall audio experience and provide users with greater control over their listening preferences.

Advanced Equalizer for Customized Sound Experience

Nothing has also introduced a new advanced equalizer that allows Ear 2 and Ear Stick users to customize their sound with precision.

Through a user-friendly graphical interface, the advanced equalizer empowers users to fine-tune their audio preferences.

It includes an 8-band equalizer with real-time preview, full control over factors like Q factor and frequency,

and the ability to share or download EQ profiles via QR code through the NothingX app.

With the launch of the Nothing Ear 2 Black, consumers in India can now enjoy a stylish and feature-rich audio experience that matches their preferences.


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