PVR Inox Passport Offers 10 Movies for Just Rs 699; Check Out the Details

PVR Inox, the renowned multiplex cinema chain, is rolling out its subscription plan starting today.

The newly introduced ‘PVR Inox Passport’ is a monthly subscription pass priced at just Rs 699, enabling subscribers to enjoy 10 movies each month.

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However, there’s a slight catch; this subscription requires a commitment of at least 3 months and is valid exclusively from Monday to Thursday.

PVR Inox Passport: Affordable Movie Magic

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For film enthusiasts, ‘PVR Inox Passport’ offers a budget-friendly way to enjoy the latest cinematic releases.

With this subscription, you can watch up to 10 movies each month, making it a great value for avid moviegoers.

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Weekday Delight, Weekend Savings

It’s important to note that this subscription plan is tailored for weekday moviegoers. Unfortunately, weekends are not covered under this offer.

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So, if you plan to catch a flick over the weekend, you’ll need to purchase tickets separately.

How to Get Your PVR Inox Passport


To access ‘PVR Inox Passport,’ simply visit the company’s app or website and subscribe to this exciting movie subscription plan.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for movie buffs to enjoy their favorite films without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal from PVR Inox!”



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