Paytm brings Card Soundbox Device to accept QR, Credit, Debit Card Payments (See cost)

New Delhi :

Paytm, a leading mobile payment firm, has introduced an innovative solution, the “Card Soundbox.” This groundbreaking device enables shopkeepers to accept payments not only through mobile QR codes but also via debit and credit cards.

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This development marks a significant expansion of payment options for merchants, offering them added convenience and versatility.

Key Features of the Card Soundbox

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The Card Soundbox is an all-in-one device that empowers merchants to accept payments through both mobile and card transactions.

It supports all major card networks, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and RuPay, with the convenient “Tap & Pay” feature.

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Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is employed to facilitate card payments. The device seamlessly processes payments via card and QR code methods.

Enhanced Control for Merchants

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Merchants using this device have the flexibility to halt card payments if needed. However, swipe payments are not supported.

With a single tap, merchants can accept card payments of up to Rs 5,000. Paytm has recently introduced similar devices like the “Pocket Soundbox” and “Music Soundbox” for playing music.


Streamlining Merchant Operations

Paytm aims to address two critical challenges faced by merchants with the Card Soundbox: accepting card payments and receiving real-time audio alerts for all transactions.


This device offers merchants the convenience of a single solution, eliminating the need to rent multiple Point of Sale (PoS) devices.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

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The Card Soundbox operates on a 4G network, ensuring swift payment alerts. It seamlessly blends NFC-based contactless card payments with mobile payment options.

The device also provides both audio and visual payment confirmations to merchants and customers via an LCD display. Designed and manufactured in India, it boasts a battery life of up to five days.

Additionally, it offers payment alerts in 11 languages, giving merchants the ability to customize their language preferences through the Paytm for Business app.

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Paytm’s Card Soundbox is poised to redefine the payments landscape, offering merchants a versatile and efficient solution for handling card and mobile payments seamlessly.

This innovative device promises to empower shopkeepers with a more convenient and cost-effective payment experience.


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