Open a Zero-Balance SBI Salary Account and Enjoy Free Overdraft

For those who receive a monthly salary, the State Bank of India (SBI), the nation’s largest government-owned bank, presents an array of enticing advantages.

In alignment with industry norms, SBI extends specialized features through its salary account offerings, but with an added bonus – an extensive array of premium services.

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Exploring SBI’s Diverse Salary Account Options

SBI extends a spectrum of tailored salary account packages to cater to various employment segments.

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A total of nine distinct types of salary accounts are presently available, each designed to cater to specific professional categories:

  1. Central Government Salary Package (CGS)
  2. State Government Salary Package (SGSP)
  3. Railway Salary Package (RSP)
  4. Defense Salary Package (DSP)
  5. Central Armed Police Salary Package (CAPSP)
  6. Police Salary Package (PSP)
  7. Indian Coast Guard Salary Package (ICGSP)
  8. Corporate Salary Package (CSP)
  9. Startup Salary Package (SUSP)

This diverse range underscores SBI’s commitment to serving the diverse workforce of the nation.

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Unveiling the Array of Benefits

SBI, boasting the country’s most extensive banking network, opens the doors to a host of amenities.

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Notably, even in cases of low account balances, customers are granted an overdraft facility equivalent to two months’ salary.

Additionally, patrons receive both debit and credit cards upon opening a salary account, alongside an array of digital banking services.


A notable advantage is the exclusive 25% discount on locker facilities, adding to the convenience and security of account holders.

Complementing the salary account experience, SBI extends a demat account option, empowering individuals to participate in stock market activities.


The bank further streamlines access to loans, ensuring reduced interest rates and a 50% discount on loan processing fees for salary account holders.

As a gesture of support, SBI offers insurance coverage up to Rs 30 lakh, correlated to the account holder’s salary. Moreover, unlimited, fee-free ATM withdrawals are an added perk.

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Opening an SBI Salary Account: A Seamless Process

The process of opening an SBI salary account is hassle-free. Any employed Indian citizen with a monthly salary of at least Rs 10,000, regardless of government or private employment, is eligible.

The option of online account opening is available via the official SBI website, although a branch visit is essential for verification.

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Alternatively, individuals can directly visit their nearest SBI branch to initiate the account opening procedure.

With SBI’s comprehensive range of salary account packages, a wealth of perks and financial solutions await employed individuals across the country.


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