Jio Unveils Budget-Friendly Plans Below Rs 300

Reliance Jio, a prominent player in the telecom sector, has introduced three cost-effective plans priced under Rs 300, catering to users seeking a month-long validity.

With options including the Rs 296, Rs 249, and Rs 219 plans, customers can tailor their choice based on their budget and preferences.

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These plans, spanning 30 days, grant subscribers unlimited calling and data benefits, bolstering connectivity options for users.

Jio’s Rs 296 Prepaid Plan: A Blend of Longevity and Data

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For those in search of recharge plans with extended validity, Jio’s Rs 296 prepaid plan proves to be an attractive choice.

With a 30-day validity period, this plan comes equipped with a generous 25 GB data allocation.

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Unlike many plans, there are no daily usage restrictions, allowing users the flexibility to consume the 25 GB data at their convenience.

Following the depletion of high-speed data, users can continue to browse at 64 Kbps.

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Notably, this plan encompasses voice calling, access to Jio’s suite of apps including JioTV, JioCinema, jio Cloud, and JioSecurity, alongside 100 daily SMS.

Jio’s Rs 249 Prepaid Plan: Extended Validity and Enhanced Data Quota


The Rs 249 recharge plan from Jio provides an extended validity of 23 days (originally 30 days), coupled with a substantial 46 GB data allowance.

Just like the previous plan, users can enjoy unlimited voice calling and access to Jio’s proprietary apps, along with 100 daily SMS.


Following the exhaustion of high-speed data, browsing continues at 64 Kbps.

Jio’s Rs 219 Prepaid Plan: Ideal for Short-Term Connectivity Needs

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Jio’s Rs 219 prepaid plan is designed to cater to users with shorter connectivity requirements, offering a validity of 14 days (initially 30 days).

This plan includes 5 GB data, with a data speed reduction to 64 Kbps post usage of the high-speed limit. It also features voice calling, subscription to Jio’s apps, and 100 daily SMS.

These revamped plans signify Jio’s ongoing commitment to provide cost-effective options while catering to diverse user needs.

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As telecom subscribers seek plans that seamlessly combine communication and data capabilities, these offerings present a compelling proposition for the budget-conscious user base.


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