MG Hector Price slashed, now cheaper than Tata Harrier: Starting at Rs 14.95 Lakh

MG Motors initiates a price reduction spree, resulting in a significant drop in the cost of its flagship model, the MG Hector.

Following this move, the Hector now stands as a more affordable option compared to its competitor, the Tata Harrier.

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Key Highlights:

Recent price cuts by MG Motors render the Hector more budget-friendly than the Tata Harrier

Hector Plus prices also slashed, offering competitive pricing against Mahindra XUV700 variants. Despite reductions, Hector Plus rates remain higher than Tata Safari

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MG Hector Pricing and Variants:

Diesel variant prices reduced by up to Rs 80,000; petrol variant by Rs 8,000. Base-spec Hector now Rs 54,000 cheaper than base-spec Harrier

Top-spec Hector significantly more economical than top-spec Harrier

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Variant Comparison:

While top-spec variants differ in diesel and automatic powertrain availability, Hector lags behind Harrier in diesel-automatic option

Hector still priced Rs 95,000 above the 5-seater base-spec Mahindra XUV700 variant

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MG Hector: Rs 14.95 lakh to Rs 21.95 lakh, Tata Harrier: Rs 15.49 lakh to Rs 26.44 lakh

Mahindra XUV700 (5-seater): Rs 14 lakh to Rs 20.09 lakh


MG Hector Plus:

Diesel variant rates slashed by up to Rs 60,000; petrol variant by Rs 5,000. Entry-level Hector Plus variant now Rs 4,000 cheaper than base-spec 7-seater XUV700 variant

However, Tata Safari remains a more affordable option compared to Hector Plus



MG Hector Plus: Rs 17.75 lakh to Rs 22.68 lakh. Tata Safari: Rs 15.49 lakh to Rs 26.44 lakh

Mahindra XUV700 (6/7-seater): Rs 17.99 lakh to Rs 26.99 lakh

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MG’s strategic price reductions position the Hector and Hector Plus as compelling choices in the competitive SUV segment, offering consumers enhanced value for money.


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