Google Teases New Pixel Smartphone with 4942mAh Battery: What to Expect

Google is set to unveil a lineup of new smartphones, including the more budget-friendly Pixel 8a, the Pixel 9 series, and the exclusive Pixel Fold 2.

While leaks have already offered glimpses into the designs of these devices, recent revelations shed light on an essential aspect – the battery capacity.

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Certification Unveils Key Detail:

A new Google smartphone, bearing the model number GH2MB, has surfaced on a testing website.

The certification reveals a substantial 4942mAh battery, likely marketed as approximately 5000mAh by the company.

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Battery Size Implications:

The sizable battery hints that the device may not be the anticipated Pixel 8a but aligns more closely with the potent Pixel 9 series, particularly the Pro models.

Speculation arises that this battery test could pertain to the Pixel Fold 2, necessitating a larger power source for the foldable device.

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Unveiling the GH2MB:

While the testing website doesn’t disclose the specific identity of this new Google phone, further tests are expected to unveil its true name and features in the coming weeks.

Additionally, a new Tensor chip, tentatively named ‘Tensor G4,’ has been spotted on a testing website, likely destined for the Pixel 9 series and Pixel Fold 2.

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Insight into Tensor G4 Chip:

The chip, identified through the Geekbench testing website, appears to feature 8 cores, a reduction from the previous Tensor G3’s 9 cores.

Despite its slightly weaker performance, speculation remains regarding whether this is a testing-only variant or a production model, with the reduction in core count sparking surprise within the industry.


As the unveiling of Google’s new smartphone draws near, anticipation grows regarding the GH2MB’s true identity and the potential enhancements offered by the Tensor G4 chip.



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