Jio’s Budget-Friendly Rs 75 Plan Offers Free Calls and Data

Reliance Jio continues to make waves with its pocket-friendly offerings, catering to diverse customer needs.

Among its array of options, the Rs 75 and Rs 91 plans stand out as prime examples of Jio’s commitment to providing unbeatable value.

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Despite their low price tags, these plans pack a punch by offering unlimited calls, complimentary SMS, and data benefits.

Jio’s Rs 75 Plan:

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For users of the JioPhone, the Rs 75 plan brings a 23-day validity period. This plan offers a daily data quota of 0.1MB, along with an additional 200MB of extra data.

The cumulative data allowance in this plan amounts to 2.5GB. Furthermore, subscribers can enjoy unlimited calling and avail 50 free SMS across any network.

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Jio’s Rs 91 Plan:

The Rs 91 plan extends its benefits over 28 days, providing 0.1MB of daily data alongside an extra 200MB.

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This totals to a generous 3GB data allocation for the plan’s duration. Much like its counterpart, the plan offers unlimited calling and 50 free SMS for any network.

Ideal Audience for These Plans:


These economical plans cater to customers who prioritize affordable data access over extended validity periods.

This category is often comprised of students, both in college and professional spheres, who rely heavily on data connectivity.


For these users, supplementing these plans with additional data top-ups serves their data-intensive requirements.

These plans are particularly well-suited for budget-conscious individuals who seek an optimal balance between low-cost validity and unrestricted calling privileges.

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