iPhone 16 Series Set to Introduce Universal ‘Action Button’ Across All Models

Apple’s iPhone 15 series, launched in September 2023, continues to captivate users, but speculations about the next iteration, the iPhone 16 series, are already surfacing.

Set to debut in late 2024, leaks suggest a noteworthy change across all models of the iPhone 16 series – the introduction of the action button.

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This marks a departure from Apple’s usual practice of reserving certain features for the Pro variants, making it an intriguing development for iPhone enthusiasts.

A Unique Shift for iPhone 16 Series:

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Despite the launch being a year away, leaks from Macrumors indicate a significant alteration for the iPhone 16 series – the inclusion of the action button across all models.

Typically, Apple introduces distinctive features in its Pro models, but the iPhone 16 series is poised to break this tradition.

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Evolution of the Action Button:

The action button, introduced in the iPhone 15 series as a replacement for the mute switch, is set to undergo substantial enhancements in the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

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Codenamed Atlas, the revamped action button is rumored to become capacitive, resembling a touch panel, elevating its functionality.

Additionally, reports suggest the possibility of varying sizes for the action button based on the iPhone model.


Expanding the Action Button Universe:

Surprisingly, not only will the flagship iPhone 16 models incorporate the upgraded action button, but even the budget-friendly iPhone SE 4 is rumored to feature this enhanced functionality.


This implies that Apple is making a concerted effort to standardize the action button across its entire range, possibly replacing the mute switch in upcoming iPhone models.

What Lies Ahead:

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While the evolution of the action button takes center stage, the fate of the mute switch in future iPhone models remains uncertain.

As Apple continues to innovate, the iPhone 16 series promises a unique user experience with enhanced features embedded within the iconic action button.

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