How to Respond to Income Tax Notices for Salaried Employees

As the Income Tax Department intensifies its scrutiny, it has come to light that salaried taxpayers are now receiving notices pertaining to their claimed exemptions or deductions in their Income Tax Returns (ITR).

This development has raised awareness about the potential pitfalls of inaccurately claiming deductions.

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Taxpayers need to be prepared to respond effectively to these notices and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Understanding the Scenario

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Reports indicate that notices are being sent to taxpayers who have claimed potentially bogus or unjustified exemptions and deductions in their ITRs.

While the tax code allows individuals to avail exemptions and deductions in accordance with the old tax regime, experts caution against making unwarranted claims, which may draw the attention of the Income Tax Department.

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Navigating the Process Upon Receiving a Notice

  1. Timely Response: Notices are typically delivered to the registered email IDs of taxpayers. If you receive a notice, it’s essential to respond promptly. Delayed action may complicate matters. 

    Alongside your response, provide supporting documentation for the exemptions or allowances in question.

  2. Understanding the Trigger: Income Tax notices may be issued if discrepancies are detected in your ITR.
  3. Response Time: Upon receipt of a notice, you usually have a 15-day window to provide a response. Should you require additional time, you can seek an extension from the appropriate local authority.

Crafting an Effective Response

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  1. No Ignorance Allowed: Ignoring Income Tax notices can have grave legal ramifications. It’s imperative to address the notice within the stipulated timeframe.
  2. Expert Consultation: Seeking professional advice is advisable. Tax experts, such as Chartered Accountants (CAs) or lawyers, are well-versed in crafting appropriate responses and strategies. 

    Their expertise can help you navigate the nuances and intricacies of the tax system, potentially saving you from fines or penalties.

Facing the Future with Confidence

As the Income Tax Department harnesses an array of sources to scrutinize taxpayers’ financials, it’s crucial for salaried employees to remain vigilant and accurate when filing their ITRs.


Responding diligently and thoughtfully to notices ensures adherence to regulations and safeguards against potential legal consequences.

By embracing expert guidance and approaching the situation with transparency, taxpayers can effectively address any discrepancies, maintain their financial integrity, and continue their journey towards financial well-being.



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