Honda Announces Price Hike for City and Amaze Models Starting September 1

In response to the burgeoning expenses and in a strategic bid to offset the escalating costs, Honda Cars India has announced its decision to raise the prices of its vehicles, effective from September 1.

This measure is aimed at maintaining a delicate balance between quality offerings and economic feasibility.

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Kunal Bahl, Vice President (Sales & Marketing) at Honda Cars India, explained, “While the company aims to minimize the impact of increased costs, it is inevitable that some of these expenses will be passed on to consumers.

Consequently, the prices of our popular models, City and Amaze, will be revised starting next month.”

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The magnitude of the price adjustments is currently under careful consideration, as Honda strives to uphold its commitment to value-driven options.

Revised Pricing Outlook:

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The esteemed automaker currently presents two notable models in the Indian market – the compact sedan Amaze and the mid-size sedan City.

The Amaze, starting at Rs. 7.05 lakhs (ex-showroom), has catered to budget-conscious consumers.

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Meanwhile, the City, renowned for its performance and style, commences at Rs. 11.57 lakhs (ex-showroom).

The hybrid variant, City e:HEV, boasting environmental consciousness, starts at Rs. 18.89 lakhs (ex-showroom).


As Honda Car India takes the proactive step of adjusting prices, the automotive industry is poised for a dynamic shift in pricing dynamics.

This strategic maneuver, influenced by the evolving economic landscape, underlines Honda’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence to its customers while addressing the contemporary financial challenges.


With the onset of September, consumers can anticipate a redefined pricing structure for these iconic models, designed to align with the prevailing market conditions.

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