Google Banned 43 Suspicious Apps from Play Store

With a significant portion of the country’s population relying on Android smartphones, a crucial update has emerged for users in the form of a sweeping action by Google.

Amidst growing concerns over cybersecurity, Google has wielded its authority by banning a multitude of applications from the Play Store.

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This proactive stance by Google is driven by the alarming rise in hacking incidents, aimed at safeguarding the interests of its user base.

Google’s Crackdown: A Safer Play Store Environment

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In light of the escalating instances of hacking attacks, Google has proactively opted to eliminate a slew of apps from the Play Store.

The tech giant has simultaneously issued an advisory to smartphone users, urging them to promptly uninstall these suspect apps from their devices.

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The rationale behind this stringent measure stems from the potential threats these apps pose to the security and privacy of users.

Moreover, these apps persistently operate without user consent, even when the phone’s screen is inactive, leading to an incessant drain on the device’s battery.

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Discovery of the Threat: Unveiling App Misconduct

The revelation about the data and battery-consuming behavior of several suspicious apps on the Google Play Store was brought to light by McAfee’s security experts.


This revelation prompted Google to identify and ban a total of 43 suspicious apps from the Play Store.

Popular Apps Fall from Grace: Banned Titles Revealed


Among the list of apps that have been eradicated from the Play Store are prominent names such as “baro tv,” “dmb app,” “music bada,” and “pubg mobile (KR),” along with several others.

Shockingly, many of these banned apps had garnered immense popularity, with download counts exceeding 2.5 million in some cases.

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Google’s stringent approach underscores its commitment to ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for its Android users.

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, Google’s latest move showcases its determination to tackle threats head-on and ensure the well-being of its users.

This measure serves as a reminder to users to exercise vigilance while downloading applications and to rely on trusted sources for their digital needs.

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