H-1B Visa Registration for FY 2025 is closed: What You Need to Know

As the United States gears up for the H-1B cap season for fiscal year 2025, registrations were open for limited time and are now closed.

However, this year witnesses a revamped online process, necessitating a thorough understanding from both employers and applicants.

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Understanding the H-1B Programme

The H-1B programme permits US employers to hire foreign workers in specialized technical fields, spanning various disciplines such as engineering, medicine, law, and more.

With an annual cap of 65,000 new visas per fiscal year, the competition for these coveted spots remains fierce.

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A Modernized Approach

Under the Biden administration, the H-1B lottery registration system has undergone a transformation, shifting towards a beneficiary-centric approach.

Unlike the previous random selection process, each employee can now be chosen only once in each lottery. Registrants must provide valid passport and travel document information as part of this updated procedure.

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Navigating the Registration Process

Employers kickstart the H-1B petitioning process by creating an online account with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) at my.uscis.gov.

Existing registrant accounts are being migrated to new organization accounts, albeit this transition may take some time, especially for accounts with substantial case volumes.

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Important Considerations

During the account creation process, it’s crucial to select the correct account type—either Organization or Legal Representative—as changes afterward won’t be feasible.

USCIS is also offering Tech Talk sessions and webinars to aid with the filing process, covering topics like online submission of Form I-129 and Form I-907.


Paper Forms and Future Updates

While paper Form I-129 H-1B petitions are still accepted, they cannot currently be linked to an online account.

Furthermore, filing locations for paper petitions have shifted, with updated addresses set to be announced separately.


FAQs Addressed

Frequently asked questions regarding account type selection and the validity of paper forms have been addressed, ensuring clarity amidst the transition to this modernized online registration process.

With these changes, the H-1B cap season for FY 2025 strives to streamline procedures while maintaining fairness and efficiency in the H-1B visa programme, catering to the needs of both employers and applicants.

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