Google Pay Introduces UPI Lite For Digital Payments Easier

Google Pay, the popular digital payment platform, has launched an exciting new feature called UPI Lite.

This service aims to simplify digital transactions, allowing users to make quick payments with just a single click, eliminating the need for entering a UPI PIN.

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Notably, Google ensures the safety of users’ funds even without a PIN by implementing certain transaction limits.

Convenient One-Click Payments With UPI Lite, users can enjoy the convenience of swift digital payments.

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The service enables transactions without relying on real-time bank transactions, providing users with hassle-free and prompt payment experiences at any time of the day.

Transaction Limits for Added Security To ensure a secure environment, Google has imposed limits on UPI Lite transactions.

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Users can load a maximum of Rs 2,000 into their accounts twice a day.

Additionally, they can send a maximum of Rs 200 per transaction multiple times throughout the day.

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Activating UPI Lite on Google Pay: A Step-by-Step Guide

1) Open your Google Pay account.

2) Go to the account profile page and tap on “Activate UPI Lite.”


3) Follow the on-screen instructions to link your account.

4) Once the linking process is completed, you can add funds up to Rs 2,000.


5) For transactions up to Rs 200, the app will automatically direct you to the UPI Lite account.

6) Select the “Pay PIN-Free” option to finalize the payment.

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By introducing UPI Lite, Google Pay aims to enhance the ease and speed of digital transactions for its users.

This new feature enables seamless payments, simplifying the overall payment experience while maintaining the necessary security measures.

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