Akasa Airline going to soon Start International Flights

India’s aviation sector has faced significant challenges following the sudden closure of GoFirst, the airline owned by Wadia Group.

This closure resulted in a shortage of available seats and increased airfares during the summer holidays.

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However, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon as Akasa Air, the airline backed by renowned investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, is ready to address these shortcomings.

With plans for domestic and international expansion, Akasa Air aims to reshape the aviation landscape in India.

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Akasa Air’s Expansion Plans: Domestic and International Operations on the Horizon

Vinay Dubey, CEO of Akasa Air, has expressed confidence in the airline’s financial strength and growth potential.

Assuring that capital is not a concern, Dubey stated that Akasa Air has ample funds to order a substantial number of planes by the end of this year.

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International operations will commence once the airline’s fleet reaches a total of 20 aircraft.

Celebrating its upcoming first anniversary, Akasa Air is proud of the progress it has made thus far.

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Akasa Air’s CEO Confident in Financial Strength and Growth Potential

As Akasa Air prepares to welcome its 20th aircraft, CEO Vinay Dubey affirms the airline’s strong financial position.

He stated that Akasa Air is well-capitalized, having enough funds to place orders for 72 aircraft, with additional orders planned for the future.


While specific financial details were not disclosed, Dubey emphasized the company’s focus on stability and long-term success.

With an order for 76 Boeing aircraft, Akasa Air is determined to build an enduring airline that will thrive in the evolving aviation landscape.


Fleet Update: 20th Aircraft to Join Akasa Air Soon

Akasa Air is on the brink of expanding its fleet with the imminent arrival of its 20th aircraft. The airline is well-prepared to initiate international operations in the near future.

Speaking about the fleet expansion, CEO Vinay Dubey expressed contentment with the airline’s progress.

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He believes that the aviation industry is poised for a “golden age” in the next two decades, with India anticipated to have around 2,000 aircraft and an increased number of airports.

Akasa Air is pleased with its current growth trajectory and is poised for further expansion in the industry.

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