Expanded Benefits of Government Ration Scheme

If you have a ration card and benefit from government schemes offering free or cheap essentials like wheat, rice, and sugar, here’s good news: you’ll soon receive additional benefits.

here’s some valuable news for you. The government is enhancing its support beyond wheat, rice, and sugar.

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Under the newly launched Salt Nutrition Scheme in Uttarakhand, 14 lakh families enrolled in the ration scheme will now receive 1 kg of iodized salt every month at just Rs 8 per kg from local ration shops.

Launch of the Salt Nutrition Scheme

During an event at the Himalayan Cultural Center in Nimbuwala, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami announced the launch of the Salt Nutrition Scheme.

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This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing the standard of living for the state’s underprivileged. Future schemes are also planned to further improve living conditions.

he highlighted upcoming initiatives aimed at raising living standards and easing daily life for all citizens.

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Affordable Salt Access for Millions

The scheme aims to provide essential iodized salt, typically priced at Rs 30 per kg, to ration card holders at a subsidized rate of Rs 8 per kg.

This move not only supports nutritional needs but also underscores the government’s ongoing efforts since 2014 to uplift the welfare of the poor, echoing Prime Minister Modi’s vision for inclusive development across all sectors and communities.

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Impact of Government Schemes

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, ongoing efforts since 2014 have significantly benefited millions across India, including Uttarakhand.

Initiatives like the Salt Nutrition Scheme aim to alleviate financial burdens and uplift the standards of living, benefiting people across all demographics.



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