EPFO introduces New S.O.P for UAN Freeze and De-Freeze

EPFO takes proactive steps to enhance subscriber convenience through new measures. Recently,

EPFO issued a circular announcing the implementation of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for freezing and de-freezing Universal Account Numbers (UANs).

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Verification Process for Account Security

The SOP mandates a thorough verification process for EPFO accounts suspected of potential fraud or fake transactions.

This verification includes checks on Member Identification (MID), UAN, and associated institutions to ensure the security of funds within the EPF account.

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Extended Verification Timeline

EPFO has extended the verification timeline for subscribers and employers.

Previously set at 30 days, the verification period now allows an additional 14 days, providing a total of 44 days for completion.

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What is EPFO Account Freeze and Defreeze?

EPFO Account Freeze

EPFO account freeze refers to the deactivation of certain functionalities within the EPF account. This includes restrictions such as:

  • Login to the Unified Portal
  • Generation of a new UAN
  • Member Profile and Employer Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) modifications
  • Fund transactions like deposits through Appendix E, VDR Special, or VDR Transfer-In
  • Claims settlement, fund transfers, or withdrawals
  • Registration of new entities via PAN or GSTN

For De-Freeze, see below:

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EPFO Account Defreeze

EPFO account defreeze occurs after successful verification. It allows for the reactivation of functionalities previously frozen under categories such as:

  1. Profile or KYC updates (Category-B)
  2. UAN submission without authority approval using specified documents (Category-C)

These measures aim to enhance security and streamline processes within EPFO for the benefit of its subscribers and employers.



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