Challenges and Solutions: Why Face Authentication Fails in Digital Life Certificate Submission

To ensure the smooth submission of the Digital Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan) through face authentication technology, pensioners need to be aware of potential challenges that may hinder the process.

The following factors can lead to face authentication failures:

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  1. Poor Lighting Conditions: Inadequate lighting can impact the clarity of facial features, leading to authentication failures. Pensioners should ensure proper lighting during the face scan.
  2. Facial Movement: Face authentication may fail if the face is not stable during the scan. Pensioners should maintain a steady position for successful authentication.
  3. Lack of Blinking: Continuous blinking during the scan is essential for accurate authentication. Pensioners should make sure to blink during the process to avoid failures.
  4. Complex Backgrounds: Excessive colors or distractions in the background can interfere with the face authentication process. Pensioners should choose a plain and simple background for the scan.
  5. Low Internet Connectivity: Insufficient internet speed or connectivity issues can lead to authentication failures. Pensioners should ensure a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  6. Biometric Lock Activation: Activating biometric locks on devices may hinder face authentication. Pensioners should disable any biometric locks before attempting the face scan.
  7. Incorrect Pose: Capturing a side pose instead of a front-facing pose can result in authentication failures. Pensioners should position themselves properly for the scan.
  8. Crowded Frames: Including more people in the frame than necessary can lead to confusion and authentication failures. Pensioners should ensure they are the sole focus during the scan.
  9. Improper Distance: Maintaining the correct distance from the phone camera is crucial for successful face authentication. Pensioners should follow the guidelines for the ideal distance.
  10. Eyewear Discrepancies: Pensioners not wearing spectacles or wearing different eyewear than the Aadhaar card photo may face authentication issues. Consistency with the Aadhaar card photo is essential.
  11. Device Specifications: Using Android smartphones with versions 9 and above, a camera resolution less than 13MP, or insufficient storage space (less than 500MB) can impact the authentication process. Pensioners should ensure their devices meet the required specifications.

Benefits of Using Jeevan Pramaan Application through Face Authentication:

  1. Compatibility with Normal Android Smartphones: The application works seamlessly on standard Android smartphones, eliminating the need for specialized devices.
  2. No External Biometric Device Required: Pensioners can perform face authentication without the necessity of an external biometric device, simplifying the process.
  3. Elimination of Bank Visits: The requirement to visit the bank for life certificate submission is eliminated, providing convenience to pensioners.
  4. Accessibility for Individuals with Biometric Challenges: The application is beneficial for individuals facing issues with worn-out fingerprints or eye problems, as it offers an alternative authentication method.
  5. Touch-Free Process: Pensioners can complete face authentication without the need to touch any external devices, ensuring a hygienic and touch-free experience.
  6. Home-based Authentication: The application allows pensioners to authenticate from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for physical visits.

Understanding the potential challenges and benefits associated with face authentication in the Digital Life Certificate submission process empowers pensioners to navigate the system effectively and ensure a successful submission.

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