Bluetooth Technology: Availability, Features & Day to Day Usage

Whether it is a matter of transferring data from one device to another or audio streaming, every user feels the need of Bluetooth. This wireless technology present in every device is being used for a long time.

Let us see where it is uses and how we can use it more effectively.

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Using Bluetooth for sharing Internet

Bluetooth is helpful in sharing mobile data and WiFi connection Bluetooth can be used to share mobile data and WiFi connection from one device to another. This feature is called Bluetooth tethering.

Especially this facility can be availed for connecting net from mobile to PC.

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Using Bluetooth to transfer files

Bluetooth is used for file sharing from one device to another. This method of sharing files from one smartphone to another was quite popular years ago.

Similarly, a user can also use Bluetooth to transfer files between his PC and his smartphone.

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Using Bluetooth to play multiplayer mobile games

Bluetooth can also be used for playing multiplayer mobile games. The App Store is full of games that can be played over Bluetooth in addition to an internet connection.

Such games can also be downloaded from Google Play Store, in which Bluetooth is used to connect the other player. Bluetooth is a wireless technology, so this technology is used to connect various devices.

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With the help of Bluetooth, the user can connect mouse, keyboard, printer, gamepads to PC and smartphone.

Using Bluetooth for controlling smart home devices

User can control smart home devices with the help of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth setting is used to connect Amazon Echo and Google Home devices to a smartphone.


Bluetooth integration is also available in smart devices such as door lock and unlock for home security with the help of a smartphone.

Bluetooth versions

This wireless technology is offered with different versions, improving over time with new updates and fixes. The first version of Bluetooth was introduced in the year 1999. Bluetooth technology works on the basis of range.


Every time an attempt is made to increase the range of Bluetooth with a new version. Currently Bluetooth 5.3 is used.

The fifth version of Bluetooth was released in the year 2016. Earlier in the year 2010, Bluetooth version 4 was introduced.

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The third version of Bluetooth was released in the year 2009 and the second version was released in 2005.

Our Thoughts

Almost every mobile phone, IOT Device, smart TV, Laptop, mobile accessories and even car audio players are using Bluetooth technology. This technology is available from many many years and makes our day to day life easier. Back when there was no WiFi technology it was an important thing every wanted on their devices to transfer files from one device to other.

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Even though the technology is not used heavily today for file transfers, but it surely is backbone of several other technologies in existence. Almost all audio devices are pairing with the use of bluetooth. This technology will stay with us for a very longer period.

Do you use bluetooth in your daily life? Let us know on comments below.


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