Blinkit’s Lightning-Fast iPhone 15 Delivery Service Debuts in 4 Major Cities

In a groundbreaking move, Blinkit has extended its rapid delivery service to include mobile phones, notably the coveted iPhone 15, promising customers delivery within an astonishing 10 minutes.

The initiative, a result of a partnership between the Zomato-owned Quick e-commerce platform and Apple’s premium reseller Unicorn, is set to benefit residents of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

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Albinder Dhindsa, CEO of Blinkit, Expresses Excitement

Albinder Dhindsa, co-founder and CEO of Blinkit, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Unicorn APR, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Unicorn APR to deliver iPhone 15 in just minutes.

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We are sure that this will make our customers very happy. They will be able to get the most awaited product, iPhone 15, within 10 minutes of ordering.”

Lightning-Fast Delivery Available in Four Key Cities

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Dhindsa also shared the news via a social media post, highlighting that Blinkit’s impressive delivery speed extends to iPhones.

He noted, “Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are now available on the Blinkit platform in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru.”

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iPhone 15 Series Launches in India

The sale of Apple’s iPhone 15 Series commenced in India on September 22, with eager customers lining up outside Apple Stores in Delhi and Mumbai since midnight.


The series includes four models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Pricing Details for iPhone 15 Series


For those considering a purchase, here are the prices for the various models in the iPhone 15 Series:

iPhone 15:

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  • 128GB Storage: ₹79,900
  • 256GB Storage: ₹89,900
  • 512GB Storage: ₹1,09,900

iPhone 15 Plus:

  • 128GB Storage: ₹89,900
  • 256GB Storage: ₹99,900
  • 512GB Storage: ₹1,19,900

iPhone 15 Pro:

  • 128GB Storage: ₹1,34,900
  • 256GB Storage: ₹1,44,900
  • 512GB Storage: ₹1,64,900
  • 1TB Storage: ₹1,84,900

iPhone 15 Pro Max:

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  • 256GB Storage: ₹1,59,900
  • 512GB Storage: ₹1,79,900
  • 1TB Storage: ₹1,99,900


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