Best Solar ACs available in Market: Models, Specifications & Pricing Details

New Delhi:

When considering purchasing an AC, the foremost concern is often the impact on one’s electricity bill. However, we have news of an AC that can provide cooling without relying on electricity.

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This AC has been recently introduced by a company and has already garnered significant interest from consumers.

It would be wise to purchase it before the summer season, as it may become challenging to obtain at that time.

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Godhela Shakti’s Split Solar AC

The Split Solar AC, 48v DC 1.5 Ton, manufactured by GHODELA shakti, is available for purchase on Indiamart with a significant discount.

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This AC unit has the added advantage of being highly effective at cooling.

Its Split AC design also ensures efficient cooling. It is currently trending due to its affordable price and superior features.

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SWAY25 Solar AC

The SWAY25 Solar Air Conditioner, with a 2.5 Ton capacity, is available for purchase at Rs. 54,275. It can be conveniently bought from Indiamart and is constructed with either plastic or fiber material.


This Apna Brand AC is currently very popular and functions similarly to traditional air conditioners.

It operates on both solar and electricity, providing versatile cooling options.


Exalta’s Split Plastic/Fibre 3XS150 So-Cool Solar AC

Consider the Split Plastic/Fibre 3XS150 So-Cool Solar AC as a potential top choice for your needs. With 1400W power consumption, this AC is manufactured by Exalta and boasts a battery capacity of 540Ah.

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It is constructed with plastic/fibre material and operates at 220V, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

It is highly sought after and frequently goes out of stock during the summer months. We suggest adding this AC to your list of options.

Our Thoughts

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Solar ACs are cheap and affordable options. These are also best for areas with poor electricity network. With day by day increasing heatwaves, it is very difficult to live without AC. But again running AC 24×7 will have a heavy impact on our wallets.

The Solar AC not only runs on solar power but also on electricity. This makes it convenient for everyone. The prices are almost similar to that of normal air conditioners. Although the brands are new, you can face challenges on repair and future upgrades.

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