Anmol India Decided to issue 4 Bonus Shares for Every 1 Share

Today, the shares of Anmol India Share Price are being traded in the stock market as ex-bonus stock.

In a recent board meeting held on July 6, the company decided to issue 4 bonus shares for every 1 share held by eligible investors.

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record date for this bonus issuance was set on July 18, 2023.

This development has led to a surge in demand for the company’s shares, resulting in a notable increase shortly after the market opened,

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with shares hitting the upper circuit of 20 percent.

Rush to Buy Anmol India Shares as Market Opens

Investors are showing keen interest in purchasing shares of Anmol India as the market opens on Tuesday.

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The anticipation surrounding the ex-bonus stock has fueled demand, leading to a rush to buy the company’s shares.

Shortly after the market opened, the shares experienced a significant increase, reaching the upper circuit of 20 percent.

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Anmol India’s Quarterly Balance Sheets

Taking a closer look at Anmol India’s quarterly balance sheets reveals a positive trend.

In the March quarter, the company’s operational revenue witnessed a growth of 18.70 percent, reaching Rs 370.13 crore.


Furthermore, the company’s profit after tax in the last quarter of the previous financial year amounted to Rs 3.16 crore, marking a notable growth of 40.18 percent.

Anmol India’s Role in Coal Importation

Anmol India specializes in the importation of coal from various countries.


The company plays a vital role in securing coal supplies for various industries.

With expertise in the importation process, Anmol India ensures a steady and reliable source of coal for its customers.

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Notably, on May 27, 2023, Vijay Kumar was re-appointed as the Managing Director of the company, highlighting his continued leadership and contribution to the organization.

Vijay Kumar Re-appointed as Managing Director of Anmol India

In a recent development, Vijay Kumar has been re-appointed as the Managing Director of Anmol India.

This decision was made on May 27, 2023, reaffirming Kumar’s position and his crucial role in guiding the company towards success.

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His leadership and expertise will contribute to the company’s growth and strategic initiatives.


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