Airtel Unveils Exciting Data Plan: 30GB Data at Just Rs 99, Plus Unlimited 5G Data Option

Airtel, a leading telecommunications giant, has rolled out an enticing new data plan tailored for data-hungry users.

Priced at an economical Rs 99, this plan brings a whopping 30GB of data to the table, ideal for those who have an insatiable appetite for internet usage.

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Here’s a breakdown of what this innovative plan entails:

Data-Centric Offering: A Perfect Fit for Internet Enthusiasts

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Geared towards catering to internet-savvy individuals, Airtel’s Rs 99 data plan is designed with a singular focus on data provision.

Offering a generous 30GB of data, this plan allows you to stay connected, stream content, browse the web, and indulge in various online activities without constraints.

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Airtel Rs 99 Plan Highlights

  • Validity: The Airtel Rs 99 plan comes with a one-day validity, catering to those instances when you need an extra data boost.
  • Unlimited Data: Within the 24-hour validity window, you’ll enjoy the freedom of unlimited data consumption, making it an excellent choice for days of heightened data usage.
  • Data Limit: While you have access to a generous 30GB data allotment, it’s important to note that once you surpass this threshold, the internet speed will be capped at 64Kbps to ensure continuous connectivity.
  • Calling and Messaging Exclusion: This data plan is exclusively focused on data benefits and does not include voice calling or messaging facilities.

Unleash the Power of 5G with Airtel: Unlimited 5G Data Offer

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For users fortunate enough to reside in areas with a 5G data network and equipped with a 5G-enabled smartphone, Airtel offers an additional exciting feature.

With the updated support for 5G network, you can enjoy the luxury of unlimited 5G data.


The best part? There are no data usage caps associated with this offering, setting the stage for an uninterrupted and seamless 5G experience.

Explore More Airtel Data Options


In addition to the Rs 99 data plan, Airtel extends its array of data-centric choices to cater to a variety of preferences:

  • Rs 98 Data Pack: Airtel presents an alternative data pack at Rs 98, accompanied by the bonus of an Airtel Wynk Music subscription.
  • Rs 181 Data Plan: This plan offers 1GB of data per day for a span of 30 days, ensuring consistent connectivity throughout the month.
  • Rs 19 Data Plan: For those seeking a quick data boost, the Rs 19 plan provides 1GB of data with a one-day validity.

With Airtel’s versatile data plans, you can tailor your connectivity experience to match your needs and preferences.

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Whether you’re looking for a substantial data boost or a more long-term data solution, Airtel has you covered.

Stay connected, stay empowered, and explore the boundless potential of the digital world with Airtel’s innovative offerings.

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