Most affordable Airtel Rs 49 Prepaid Plan with 6GB Data (see details)

Airtel has recently launched a new Airtel Rs 49 prepaid plan that provides users with 6GB of internet data.

This plan serves as a data voucher, allowing users to quickly recharge their data after exceeding their daily data limit.

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This announcement comes shortly after Vodafone Idea introduced a similar data voucher for its prepaid users.

Airtel Rs 49 Prepaid Plan Details

Let’s take a closer look at the Airtel Rs 49 prepaid plan:

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Validity: The plan offers a validity of only 1 day.

Data Allocation: Users get a generous 6GB of data with this plan.

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Supplementary Plan: It’s important to note that this prepaid plan voucher is not a standalone plan. Users need to have an active plan to avail of its benefits.

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Other Options

For users seeking plans other than Airtel Rs 49 Prepaid Plan with longer validity, they can opt for Rs 58 plan, which provides 3GB of data.

This allows users to choose a plan that best suits their needs and preferences. It’s worth mentioning that Airtel is actively rolling out its 5G network across the country.


Airtel’s 5G Network

Currently, Airtel’s 5G NSA network is available in over 3000 cities and towns. The company aims to expand its coverage to all major cities and towns by the end of the year.

However, to access the 5G network, users must have a plan priced above Rs 239.


By introducing this new prepaid plan and expanding its 5G network, Airtel continues to offer enhanced data options and cutting-edge technology to its users.

This was all about Airtel Rs 49 Prepaid Plan & Airtel’s expanding 5G Network.

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