Jio introduces 90-Days Fiber Plan with Unlimited Data at very affordable Price

India’s leading internet service provider, JioFiber, has launched an exciting plan that is sure to surprise its customers.

Priced at Rs 1197, the plan offers a duration of 90 days and comes with additional benefits such as a free set-top box. However, customers can avail the set-top box offer after subscribing to OTT services.

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While JioFiber has already established its presence in major cities, it is now expanding its reach to rural areas.

Many people opt for JioFiber’s monthly prepaid plans, but now they have introduced a three-month plan priced at Rs 1197.

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Let’s take a closer look at the details of this plan.

Reliance Jio Rs 1197 Plan:

JioFiber’s broadband plan priced at Rs 1197 provides a validity of 90 days, which means three months of uninterrupted internet access. This plan offers users unlimited data, with a high-speed data limit of 3.3TB per month.

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Once the data limit is exhausted, the speed will be reduced, but users can continue to enjoy internet connectivity. It’s worth noting that the plan provides a speed of 30 Mbps for both upload and download.

Additionally, users can enjoy free voice calling through the landline connection, along with other benefits. The plan’s price of Rs 1197 includes GST, which means there will be a slight increase in the overall cost.

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This plan doesn’t offer any significant differences compared to the monthly plan.

However, one advantage of this three-month plan is that customers only need to make a single payment for three consecutive months, saving them the hassle of monthly renewals.


Jio ₹61 Booster Pack Offer

For mobile users who want to enjoy the remaining matches of IPL 2023, Jio has made a significant change to its Rs 61 data booster pack.

The company now provides an additional 4GB of data, allowing users to enjoy IPL without worrying about data depletion.


Previously, this pack offered a total of 6GB, but now subscribers can avail 10GB of data.

This data pack can be subscribed along with any primary pack, but it does not include free SMS or calling facilities. In addition to the Rs 61 pack, Jio also offers data booster packs priced at Rs 15, 25, 121, and 222.

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Jio Data Add-On Pack

Jio also offers data add-on packs with different validity periods. The company provides affordable options such as the Rs 181, Rs 241, and Rs 301 packs. For Rs 181, customers get a total of 30GB data with a validity of 30 days.

The Rs 241 pack offers 40GB data, while the Rs 301 pack provides 50GB Data with 30 Days Validity.

Our Thought

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Jio Fiber is capturing broadband market very fast. The pace with which it is acquiring users will surely defy the existing prominent players. This new plan is one such step from Jio Fiber to acquire new subscribers. 1197 for 3 months roughly equals 400 per month. This is almost near to mobile plans.

Customers are more likely to be lured towards Jio Fiber with this offer. Almost every plan of Jio Fiber is intriguing and is worth opting for.

Do you have JioFiber at your home/office? Which broadband provider you prefer? Let us know in comments below.


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