Airtel Introduces Budget-Friendly Plan at Just Rs 155, Packed with Benefits

Airtel, a prominent player in the telecommunications sector, has unveiled an attractive offer catering to its prepaid users – the Rs 155 plan.

Representing affordability and value, this plan is designed to meet the communication and data needs of budget-conscious customers.

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Airtel’s Rs 155 Plan: Value and Features

For just Rs 155, Airtel subscribers can enjoy a comprehensive package of benefits.

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This plan boasts a validity of 28 days, during which users are entitled to unlimited calling, the ability to send 300 messages, and a generous allocation of 1GB internet data.

This revamped entry-level offering from Airtel ensures that users receive essential communication services without compromising on quality.

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Furthermore, Airtel has sweetened the deal by including access to Wynk Music and Hellotunes as part of the Rs 155 plan.

This added entertainment value enhances the overall user experience, making the plan even more appealing.

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Evolution from Airtel’s Previous Plans

Previously, Airtel’s entry-level plan was priced at Rs 99. However, in a move to align with changing user preferences and demands, Airtel has enhanced this offering and restructured it into the current Rs 155 plan.


While the Rs 99 plan provided 200MB data and called at 2.5 paise per minute for 28 days, the upgraded Rs 155 plan introduces unlimited calling and a more substantial data allowance, ensuring a better-rounded communication package for customers.

Transitioning from the Rs 99 Plan


Airtel started phasing out the Rs 99 plan in select circles from November of the previous year.

The Rs 155 plan, designed to replace the earlier offering, presents an improved and more inclusive solution for subscribers seeking an economical yet feature-rich communication package.

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In conclusion, Airtel’s Rs 155 plan emerges as a pocket-friendly option for users, coupling essential connectivity with added entertainment features.

With this plan, Airtel continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing customers with relevant and value-driven offerings in the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications.

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