AirAsia brings ‘Cinematic In-Flight’ Experience for Cinemagoers

AirAsia, a prominent airline, is introducing a ‘cinematic in-flight’ experience at selected theaters across the country.

This enhancement aims to elevate the movie-watching experience for enthusiasts.

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AirAsia invites Indian travelers to explore Asia, Australia, and beyond with expanded connectivity.

The airline plans to link 16 Indian cities to over 130 destinations in Malaysia, Thailand, and other regions through its extensive network.

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AirAsia’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Carroll, announced that the company plans to extend its presence to over 130 theaters across 12 cities within the next six months through this partnership.

What is company partnership?

As part of this initiative, the company is offering movie lovers an opportunity to win tickets to any destination within the AirAsia network.

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Paul Carroll mentions that during this promotional period, AirAsia will collaborate with over 130 local travel content creators to highlight various destinations across Asia, Australia, and beyond. These will feature cities, beaches, historical landmarks, and local cultures.

The Chief Commercial Officer of AirAsia expressed excitement about their new partnership with Qube Cinemas.

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Soon, AirAsia’s ‘cinematic in-flight’ experience will be featured in 130 cinemas across India for a period of six months.

He also mentions that through this initiative, they are excited to connect with people who enjoy watching movies and traveling.



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