Air India Cancels Flights to Israel Until October 14 ( See Reason)

Amid escalating tensions in the region due to attacks by Hamas, Air India has made the decision to cancel flights to Israel until October 14, 2023.

The move comes in response to heightened security concerns and the ongoing conflict in the area.

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Israel is currently facing attacks from Hamas, with a recent escalation of violence occurring in the early hours of Saturday.

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In response, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared a state of war against Hamas. The Indian Embassy in Israel has also issued an advisory for Indian citizens residing in the country.

Air India’s Statement:

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Air India has officially announced the cancellation of flights to and from Tel Aviv until October 14, 2023.

In their statement, the airline expressed their primary concern for the safety of passengers and crew members.

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They also pledged to assist individuals with confirmed reservations on any flight during this period.

Currently, Air India operates flights to Tel Aviv five times a week from the Indian capital, New Delhi, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


However, due to the security situation, flights to and from Tel Aviv on Saturday have been canceled.

Flight AI 139 Cancellation:


Among the affected flights, Air India canceled Flight AI 139, which was scheduled to depart from New Delhi at 3.35 pm and arrive in Tel Aviv at 7.05 pm.

The decision to cancel this flight, along with the return flight AI 140, was made with the safety of passengers and crew as the top priority.

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Escalation of Conflict:

The extremist group Hamas launched a significant attack involving thousands of rockets in Israel’s Gaza Strip in the early hours of Saturday.

Additionally, hundreds of Hamas fighters entered Israeli territory via air, land, and sea.

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This attack marks one of the deadliest incidents in Israel in recent years and has intensified the ongoing conflict in the region.


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