YouTube’s PiP Feature May Soon Be Available to Non-Premium Users

YouTube enthusiasts may soon rejoice as the beloved Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature, previously exclusive to premium subscribers, might be extending its reach beyond the confines of premium memberships.

Originally introduced in 2021, PiP enables users to multitask effortlessly by allowing video playback in a floating window while navigating other apps on their devices.

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A Shift in Accessibility

Reports from social media platforms hint at a significant development: non-premium users in Europe are reportedly gaining access to YouTube’s PiP functionality.

Numerous Reddit threads have surfaced, showcasing screenshots and videos demonstrating the PiP feature in action.

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Users appear thrilled by the prospect of leveraging PiP without the need for a premium subscription.

The Unveiling Process

Despite the burgeoning excitement, YouTube has remained tight-lipped regarding official plans for expanding PiP accessibility.

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While the recent developments spark hope, it’s important to note that YouTube has yet to confirm these changes.

Speculation suggests that Google may be conducting limited testing with select European users, offering a glimpse into a potentially broader rollout.

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Current Status and Subscription Options

A recent comment attributed to YouTube’s support team clarified that, for now, PiP remains exclusive to premium subscriptions outside the US.

According to YouTube’s official support documentation, accessing PiP functionality typically requires a premium membership.


In regions like India, YouTube Premium offers a variety of subscription plans, starting from Rs 129 per month, with special discounts for students and family plans accommodating up to five members.

Looking Ahead

While the prospect of PiP becoming available to non-premium users worldwide is tantalizing, it’s essential to await official confirmation from YouTube or Google.


As the tech landscape continues to evolve, stay tuned for potential updates and announcements regarding the expansion of PiP accessibility.

Whether you’re a premium subscriber or eagerly awaiting broader access, the future looks promising for enhanced YouTube viewing experiences.

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