Xiaomi Launches Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fan: Price and Specifications

Xiaomi continues its streak of innovation in the home appliances segment with the launch of the Xiaomi Mijia Circulating Fan.

Offering versatility and advanced technology, this fan promises to enhance user comfort and air circulation within homes. Let’s delve into the details of this latest addition to Xiaomi’s lineup.

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Price and Availability:

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Fan will be available through Xiaomi Crowdfunding starting from March 6.

During this special crowdfunding phase, the fan will be offered at a discounted price of 299 Yuan, approximately Rs 3,500, compared to its retail price of 349 yuan.

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Powerful Airflow: With a 1500m³/h airflow capacity, the Xiaomi Mijia fan ensures efficient air circulation within spaces.

Long Reach: Capable of throwing air up to a remarkable distance of 13 meters, this fan swiftly creates air circulation throughout the house, preventing stagnant, contaminated air.

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360-Degree Rotation: The fan boasts automatic horizontal rotation of up to 120 degrees and vertical rotation of up to 105 degrees, ensuring comprehensive air coverage.

Variable Wind Speeds: Users can customize their airflow experience with over 100 wind speed adjustments, providing personalized comfort.

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Smart Features: Integrated with smart home device support, the fan can seamlessly connect to Xiaomi’s Home App ecosystem. It also features Xiao Ai voice control functionality, enabling remote operation via voice commands.

Xiaomi HyperOS Connect: With HyperOS Connect support, the fan aligns with Xiaomi’s ecosystem, ensuring smooth integration with other smart devices.


Bonus Offerings:

During the crowdfunding campaign, Xiaomi is offering an opportunity to win additional products, including the Xiaomi Mijia No-fog Humidifier, further enhancing the home environment.



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