Xiaomi Celebrates Milestone: Over 11 Million Units Sold in Smart Camera Series

Xiaomi’s Smart Camera series has achieved a remarkable milestone, with sales surpassing an impressive 11 million units, according to a recent report from the Xiaomi Smart Ecosystem.

The official poster highlights the phenomenal success of Xiaomi’s sought-after range of smart cameras.

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Dominating the Surveillance Camera Market

In both 2022 and the first half of 2023, the Xiaomi Smart Camera series clinched the top spot as the most favored surveillance camera in China.

This achievement encompasses robust sales in both online and offline channels across various platforms.

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The overwhelming figures underscore the series’ growing popularity, positioning it as the preferred choice among consumers in China.

Diverse Lineup with Cutting-edge Features

The Xiaomi Smart Camera series boasts an extensive lineup, including models like Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ Edition SE+, Xiaomi Smart Camera 2 AI Enhanced Edition, Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro PTZ Edition 2K, and Xiaomi Smart Camera Standard Edition 2K.

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Additional models such as Xiaomi Smart Camera 2 PTZ Edition and Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 PTZ Edition contribute to the series’ diverse offerings.

Affordability Driving Success

Priced between 129 yuan ($18) and 399 yuan ($56), Xiaomi’s smart camera models offer a range of features catering to diverse user needs.

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The competitive pricing is speculated to be a key factor driving the surge in sales for the Xiaomi Smart Camera series in China.

Notably, the Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro, priced at 319 yuan ($45), stands out with a 5-megapixel lens, 3K image quality support, ultra-low light full-color capabilities, and humanoid detection features.


Smart Home Integration

Introduced in September last year, the Xiaomi Smart Camera 3 Pro comes equipped with an infrared fill light, Bluetooth mesh gateway integration for AI face recognition, and the functionality to serve as a smart home device control center.

However, specific details about the distribution of sales among different models within the 11 million units remain undisclosed.



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