World’s First Voice Assistant to Rival ChatGPT

Mumbai :

The use of AI chatbots is expanding rapidly worldwide, marking a significant shift from their portrayal in movies to real-life applications.

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Introducing Moshi: A New Era in AI Chatbots

Moshi, developed by the French AI company Kyutai, represents a new generation of AI chatbots that interact with users in real-time, setting it apart from predecessors like ChatGPT.

Moshi is equipped with a unique feature—voice mode—which allows it to engage users in spoken conversations, a capability not yet available in ChatGPT.

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Features and Accessibility of Moshi

Moshi’s design aims to provide a human-like interaction experience, enhancing its appeal among users seeking more natural communication with AI.

It supports simultaneous handling of two audio streams, enabling it to listen and respond concurrently.

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Users can access Moshi for free via the website, where they can engage in five-minute sessions.

The platform also allows users to download chat transcripts and operates offline, making it versatile in various settings.

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Using Moshi: A Seamless Experience

Users can interact with Moshi for free by visiting

The platform allows real-time conversation with Moshi, enabling simultaneous audio input and response.


To initiate a conversation, users simply enter their email on the website, join the queue, and start chatting with Moshi in real time.

After each session, users have the option to download transcripts of their interactions.



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