Wings Lifestyle Introduces Vivobook Series Under Rs 30,000

In a groundbreaking move, Wings Lifestyle ventured into the laptop segment in September, unveiling the Nuvobook series.

With the introduction of four innovative laptops – Nuvobook S1, Nuvobook S2, Nuvobook V1, and Nuvobook Pro – the brand has taken affordability and powerful features to new heights.

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Whether you’re a first-time laptop buyer, a student, or a young professional, the Nuvobook laptops are designed to meet your needs without breaking the bank, offering an enticing starting price of just Rs 27,990.

Wings Nuvbook S1, S2, V1, Pro Prices in India

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  1. Nuvobook S1: Core i3 + 8 GB RAM + 256 GB SSD – Rs 27,990
  2. Nuvobook S2: Core i3 + 8 GB RAM + 512 GB SSD – Rs 29,990
  3. Nuvobook V1: Core i5 + 8 GB RAM + 512 GB SSD – Rs 34,990
  4. Nuvobook Pro: Core i7 + 16 GB RAM + 512 GB SSD – Rs 46,990

Wings Nuvbook S1, S2, V1, Pro Specifications

The Nuvbook S1, S2, V1, and Pro laptops are powered by 11th Gen Intel processors, ensuring exceptional performance and efficiency.

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They come equipped with Windows 11 Home, the latest and most advanced operating system in the market.

What truly sets them apart is their impressive 4,825mAh battery, offering an astounding 10 hours of uninterrupted usage.

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Additionally, the laptops include a 65-watt charger, capable of charging up to 60 percent in just 1 hour.

The Nuvbook S1, S2, and V1 feature a 15.6-inch IPS LCD Full HD display with up to 300 nits of brightness and full support for the sRGB color gamut, guaranteeing vibrant and true-to-life visuals.


Meanwhile, the Nuvbook Pro boasts a 14-inch IPS LCD FHD display, also with 300 nits of brightness and 100 percent sRGB color gamut support, delivering a stunning visual experience in a compact and powerful laptop.

If you’re in search of a sleek and stylish laptop with impressive features, the Wings Nuvobook series offers a compelling choice at a budget-friendly price point.



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