WhatsApp takes major action; bans 66 Lakh accounts in India

New Delhi :

In a significant move, WhatsApp has taken strict actions against malicious accounts in India.

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The messaging platform revealed that it banned more than 66 lakh accounts in June, in accordance with the new IT Rules 2021.

Out of these,

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a staggering 2.43 million accounts were actively banned even before receiving any user reports, as stated in the monthly compliance report released on Tuesday.

500 Million Users in India

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WhatsApp stands as the most popular messaging platform in India, boasting over 500 million users. The platform received a record-breaking 7,893 complaint reports in June, resulting in 337 “actions” being taken by the company.

Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) in Action

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In line with efforts to empower Indian social media users,

the government introduced the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) to address concerns related to content and other issues.


During the mentioned period, the committee received one order, and WhatsApp duly complied with it.

WhatsApp’s decisive actions against problematic accounts highlight the platform’s commitment to maintaining a secure and responsible environment for its vast user base in India.



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