Vi Introduces Rs 95 Plan with Free OTT and Data

The telecom giants have recently raised their prices, leading to increased costs for users when recharging their mobile plans.

This change has prompted users to carefully consider their options to fit their budgets.

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Vi’s New Budget-Friendly Plan

Vi has launched a budget-friendly plan priced at Rs 95, offering free OTT app subscriptions alongside internet services.

This plan stands out in a market where most telecom operators’ cheapest plans start at Rs 100 or more.providing added value.

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Benefits of Vi’s Rs 95 Plan

The Rs 95 plan from Vi provides:

1) 4 GB data allocation.

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2) Free subscription to SonyLiv for 28 days.

However, it does not include voice calling or messaging services, which require separate recharges.The Rs 95 plan offers users 4 GB of data and a subscription to SonyLiv for 28 days.

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It’s a great choice for those who enjoy SonyLiv content. However, voice calling and messaging services require separate recharges.

Value Comparison with SonyLiv Subscription

Compared to SonyLiv’s standalone subscription costs, which usually amount to Rs 399 per month for 5 device logins, Vi’s Rs 95 plan offers significant savings.


Users opting for this plan can access SonyLiv content for 28 days at a fraction of the usual cost.

Moreover, for those accustomed to monthly DTH recharges costing between Rs 200 to Rs 300, the Rs 95 Vi plan presents a considerable saving opportunity.


Cost Efficiency of Vi’s Plan

Comparatively, SonyLiv’s monthly subscription costs Rs 399 for access on up to 5 devices. In contrast, Vi’s Rs 95 plan offers a 28-day SonyLiv subscription at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, for DTH recharge, where monthly costs can range from Rs 200 to Rs 300, opting for Vi’s Rs 95 plan can result in substantial savings.

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