Uttar Pradesh Transfers Pension to Over 55 Lakh Elderly People

The Social Welfare Department in Uttar Pradesh has transferred pension amounts to over 55 lakh elderly people in need.

This payment covers the first quarter of the current financial year. According to the department, the beneficiaries should receive this amount in their bank accounts within two to three days.

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The state government provides monthly financial assistance of one thousand rupees to elderly individuals living below the poverty line.

For the period from April to June, pensions have been deposited into the accounts of 55,31,817 beneficiaries, each receiving three thousand rupees, totaling 1659 crore rupees.

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Purpose and Importance of Timely Disbursement

The purpose of these funds is to help elderly citizens who are struggling financially. Timely disbursement ensures that they can meet their basic needs without any delay.

This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to social welfare and its efforts to uplift the weaker sections of society.

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The Yogi government has advised beneficiaries to check their bank accounts in the next few days to confirm receipt of the pension amount.

This systematic approach helps in efficient fund distribution and minimizes any potential delays or discrepancies.

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Commitment to Social Welfare

The department’s proactive measures ensure that financial assistance reaches those in need promptly.

This effort is part of a comprehensive strategy to provide continuous support to elderly citizens living below the poverty line and improve their quality of life.


The government’s dedication to eradicating poverty among the elderly is evident through this initiative.

The quarterly disbursement is a significant step towards fulfilling the state’s commitment to its senior citizens, underlining the importance of regular financial support to help them lead a dignified life despite financial difficulties.


The Department of Social Welfare closely monitors this process, ensuring transparency and accountability in fund disbursement.

By prioritizing timely payments, the department aims to minimize any financial hardships faced by elderly pensioners, fostering a supportive environment where they feel valued and cared for by society.

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