UPI Payment System Allows Transactions with Just Your Voice

In a groundbreaking development, UPI-based apps are set to introduce voice command UPI payments, allowing users to make transactions using only their voice.

This innovative service was announced by RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das at the Global Fintech Festival in Mumbai, promising to simplify digital payments.

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 Empowering All with Voice-Activated UPI Payments

The upcoming voice command UPI payment service is poised to make a significant impact, especially for those who speak regional dialects or languages.

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This technology promises to benefit not only the elderly but also individuals unfamiliar with UPI operations.

Users will have the convenience of making UPI payments through voice commands, accessible via UPI apps, telecom calls, and IoT devices.

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Furthermore, the service is expected to expand to include multiple languages beyond Hindi and English.

Streamlined Transactions with Voice Commands

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With this service, users can effortlessly transfer money by simply giving voice commands, although the transaction will still require entering a UPI PIN for security.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has collaborated with AI4Bharat, a language program at IIT Madras, to develop payment language models in Hindi and English.


This advancement is anticipated to benefit future generations, ensuring greater accessibility and ease of use.

Dual Modes for Convenience


NPCI offers two convenient modes for voice-activated payments. The first mode involves voice calls, guiding users through an IVR system to complete transactions.

The second mode allows users to utilize their voice input within any UPI app for seamless payments.

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This service will be prominently featured within your UPI app interface for easy access.

The Inner Workings of Voice-Activated UPI Payments

The technology behind voice-activated UPI payments involves a multi-step process. First, your analog voice is converted into digital format.

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Subsequently, your voice is transformed into text and translated into English using machine translation.

User verification is conducted via text-to-speech technology, followed by the presentation of a voice output.

For tasks like checking account balances, the system identifies the user’s intent by recognizing specific keywords such as “balance” or “enquiry.”

Expanding Horizons in Bill Payments

Voice-activated UPI payments are set to revolutionize bill payments across the country. Bharat Billpay’s Billpay Connect provides a national platform for bill payments, allowing customers to access their bills by simply typing ‘HI’ on a messaging app or by giving a missed call.

This innovative approach promises to make bill payments more accessible and user-friendly, further enhancing the digital payment landscape in India.


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