UPI Glitch: NPCI Provides Tips to Overcome Payment Hurdles

In an age dominated by digital transactions, UPI has emerged as a convenient mode of payment.

However, recent disruptions have left users grappling with payment failures, prompting the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to step in.

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The Problem Unveiled:

On February 6, a surge of users encountered difficulties while attempting UPI transactions via popular apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and Bhim. Despite repeated efforts, payments remained elusive.

NPCI revealed that the root cause lay not within UPI itself but rather in server glitches affecting select banks, leading to transaction hurdles for their customers.

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Bank-Specific Challenges:

Among the affected institutions, customers of major banks such as State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, and Bank of Baroda reported UPI-related setbacks.

Notably, HDFC Bank customers also faced disruptions in other online banking services. This isn’t the first instance of such disruptions, indicating a recurrent issue that users have had to contend with.

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Navigating Through UPI Challenges:

1. Diversify Linked Accounts: If your UPI ID is connected to multiple bank accounts, leverage this feature to mitigate payment obstacles.

Should one bank’s server falter, alternate accounts offer a fallback option, ensuring smoother transactions.

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2. Verify Recipient Details: Prioritize accuracy when transferring funds. Verify recipient details meticulously to avert payment failures stemming from incorrect information.

Vigilance in confirming transaction particulars is crucial to ensure successful transfers.


3. Stabilize Internet Connectivity: Reliable internet access is paramount for seamless UPI transactions. Address any connectivity issues promptly to prevent transaction hiccups.

Avoid initiating payments until a stable internet connection is established, minimizing the risk of disruptions mid-transaction.



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