UPI enabled Ticketing System for Country’s First Regional Rapid Train

Passengers traveling on the country’s first Regional Rapid Rail (RapidX) from Ghaziabad will have various choices for buying tickets.

They will also have the option to purchase tickets using UPI with their card.

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Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) have been installed at all RapidX stations for this purpose.

To buy a ticket, passengers need to select the “Buy Ticket” option on these machines.

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Then, they will be prompted to choose their destination station from the station chart.

Afterward, they will need to enter the ticket number and select a payment option displayed on the screen. Payments can be made using any available mode.

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UPI Option for Convenient Ticket Payment

How does the UPI option work? When passengers select UPI as their payment method, a QR code will be displayed on the machine.

Passengers can make the payment by scanning this code using their UPI app. Once the payment is completed, the ticket will be issued by the machine.

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Apart from UPI, passengers also have the choice to pay using banknotes, credit/debit cards, and NCMC card wallet.

Different Ways to Buy Tickets

Tickets can be purchased through various methods:

NCRTC Mobile App: Passengers can generate an E-QR code using the RapidX Connect feature, which serves as an e-ticket.


Payments can be made through UPI, debit cards, credit cards, or net banking within the app.

Passengers need to scan the E-QR code at the AFC gate during entry and exit at the RapidX station, allowing them to board the train directly.


For return journeys to the same destination station, a single E-QR code can be generated for both the onward and return trips.

The RapidX Connect app will soon be available for download on the Google App Store and Apple Store.

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NCMC (National Common Mobility Card): This card can be obtained from various banks, including the Customer Service Center at the Rapid Station.

These cards come in the form of prepaid, debit, or credit RuPay cards, which can be recharged at the customer care center.

To travel, passengers can simply show the card at the AFC gate of the station.

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After completing the journey, they can exit the station using the same card.

Additional Facilities: NCMC and Ticket Office Machine

In addition to the above options, there will be Ticket Office Machines (TOMs) available at all stations to facilitate ticket purchases.

Passengers can buy QR code-based paper tickets for their journey from these machines.

Dedicated staff will be present at the TOMs to assist with ticket sales, and payments can be made using cash, UPI, debit cards, and credit cards.

The facility to recharge travel cards will also be available at these machines.

For passengers traveling in the premium class, the double-tap AFC system should be used.

This means that after entering the paid area from the concourse level, passengers need to tap their card on the AFC gate again at the platform level to access the premium class boarding area.

From there, they can board the premium coach of the train. Upon reaching the destination, passengers should exit through the premium area by tapping their card on the AFC gate.


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