Uber Celebrates Independence Day with Special Offer: Women Get 30% Discount on Rides

As the nation gears up to commemorate its 76th Independence Day, Uber joins the celebration by introducing an exclusive offer tailored for women.

In a move that embraces empowerment and the spirit of freedom, Uber is extending a generous discount of up to 30% on Uber rental rides exclusively for women.

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This offer will be available until August 31, 2023, and has been introduced as a tribute to the resilience and achievements of women across the country.

A Celebration of Empowerment

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Uber’s Independence Day offer, symbolically labeled “UBERFORHER,” is more than just a discount – it’s a gesture of recognition and empowerment.

This special promotion acknowledges the indomitable spirit of women who continually shatter barriers and surge forward despite challenges.

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With a maximum discount of up to Rs 300, the “UBERFORHER” promo code empowers women to embrace financial independence while fueling their aspirations.

Promoting Freedom and Safety

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Uber’s commitment to supporting women extends beyond the discount. The promotion highlights the significance of women in society and strives to enhance their independence through safe, reliable, and convenient transportation.

Uber, known for its diversity and inclusion efforts, is emphasizing the role of women further by providing rides with female drivers.


These rides represent both the freedom of movement and the empowerment of women who are at the wheel.

Booking Your Freedom Ride


Women seeking to take advantage of this limited-time offer can simply enter the promo code “UBERFORHER” when booking an Uber Rentals ride.

This promo code will unlock a discount of up to 30% on their fare, making their journey not only cost-effective but also a testament to the journey of empowerment that women embark upon daily.

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As the nation celebrates its freedom, Uber’s special offer resonates with the spirit of progress, equality, and empowerment.

With this initiative, Uber is setting the stage for women to experience the true essence of freedom as they journey towards their goals.

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