UAE-India Travel Plans disrupted as ticket prices soar drastically

New Delhi :

Travel plans between India and the UAE have hit a roadblock as ticket prices for flights from India to the UAE have witnessed an alarming surge.

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Passengers seeking to return to the UAE are facing a substantial 200% increase in ticket fares, prompting many to reconsider their travel plans or even cancel their journeys altogether.

Challenges Faced by Passengers:

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The sharp 200% hike in ticket fares has caught passengers off guard, making travel financially impractical for many.

This surge in ticket prices is a common occurrence during peak holiday seasons.

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Industry experts point out that ticket prices between India and the UAE typically experience an upward trend from July to the early days of September.

Impact on Travel Plans:

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The impact of the fare increase can be seen across various flight routes:

  • Travel from Mumbai to Dubai on August 20 now costs Dh890-Dh1,000, marking an increase of Dh500 from previous rates.
  • Flights from Delhi to Dubai, which typically cost Dh520, have surged to Dh1,073.
  • South India routes, particularly to Kerala, have also been affected.

Fares ranging from Dh1,288 to Dh2,277 have seen an increase of Dh600-Dh1,000 from the off-season rates.


When will Fare Reduce?

Awaited relief for travelers may come after mid-September, with prospects of potential reduction in ticket fares.


Many travelers had initially opted for one-way tickets to India during vacation, hopeful that August would bring lower ticket prices.

However, the expected reduction has yet to materialize, prompting individuals to explore alternative travel options.

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Seeking Alternatives:

In light of the soaring ticket prices, a growing number of expatriates are opting for alternative routes to minimize travel costs.

Some are considering routes via Ras Al Khaimah and Muscat, where ticket fares are comparatively more reasonable.

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