UAE brings 6 New Changes to Arrival Rules; Indians will also be affected

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently implemented significant changes in its rules regarding visitors entering the country.

These changes include increased fees for Emirates ID, Visit Visa, and Residency Visa.

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As a result, it will be slightly more expensive for foreign tourists to visit the UAE, impacting a large number of Indians.

Six New Changes for UAE Entry

Every year, a considerable number of tourists from India visit the UAE, and many Indian expatriates’ family members travel from India to the UAE to meet them.

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The six recent changes in the UAE’s immigration rules that have had a significant impact on Indians are as follows:

1) Extension of Visa Time

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Under the new UAE rules, if your visa is about to expire, you cannot extend it by staying in the country. You must leave the UAE and then re-enter to extend your visa.

2) Increased Fees for Visit and Residence Visas

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The UAE government has raised the fees for Emirates ID, visit visas, and residence visas. The new rates for these services will now be applicable. The fee for issuing Emirates ID has increased from 270 dirhams to 370 dirhams.

Similarly, the fee for a one-month visit or residence visa has also increased to 370 dirhams.


3) Five-Year Multiple Entry Visa System

Individuals who prefer to visit the UAE can now apply for a five-year visa. This visa allows multiple entries into the UAE within five years, with the option to extend the visit duration by 90 days.


4) Action on Overstaying

If a person overstays their visa in the UAE, they will be required to pay a fine and obtain an out pass or leave permit to exit the country.

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The individual will bear the cost of these procedures, and the out pass is necessary only for those leaving Dubai for their home countries.

5) Extension of Visit Visa Time

The UAE government has granted permission to extend the visit visa time up to 60 days. Visitors who come to the UAE for tourism purposes can now apply for a visa ranging from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 60 days.

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6) Entry Permit for Visiting Friends and Relatives

Individuals with friends or relatives residing in the UAE can take advantage of the entry permit facility. Applicants will need to apply for this visa permit and deposit one thousand dirhams, which will be refunded upon departure.

So Basically, Visa will be slightly more expensive for foreign tourists and it will surely impact a large number of Indians.

Our Thoughts

These new norms are bit more than what we expect from our Arab Neighbors. Especially the hike in visa fees was uncalled and not required. Most of the Indians visiting U.A.E are family members and relatives of worker lass who are there for work.

Although this move will surely tighten Saudi Visa Process and will better help them manage their immigration.

Are you affected by these Norms change? Comment below.


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