Twitter Introduce ‘Not A Bot’ Subscription Model, Users to Pay for Likes and Comments

Twitter, popularly known as ‘X,’ is gearing up for a significant change. On October 17th, Twitter announced its plans to test a new subscription model.

Under this model, every user will be required to pay a $1 annual fee to access basic features on the app.

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This new subscription, aptly named ‘Not A Bot,’ will introduce charges for actions like liking, reposting, and bookmarking posts.

Cracking Down on Spammers

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The introduction of this subscription model aims to combat the growing issue of bots and spammers on the platform. Subscription fees for X will vary depending on the exchange rate in each country.

The new model is set to launch first in New Zealand and the Philippines, with potential challenges for new users during the testing phase.

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Those who choose not to subscribe will be limited to viewing and reading posts, with video-watching and account-following features restricted.

Addressing the Bot Problem


Elon Musk, who purchased Twitter last year, has consistently labeled bots as a problem.

In a series of ongoing changes to the platform, the introduction of a subscription model for users plays a pivotal role.

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These changes, including the new subscription model, are part of Musk’s broader efforts to enhance the platform’s authenticity and reduce the presence of bots.


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