Twitter Changes: TweetDeck Becomes X Pro, Introduces Paid Subscriptions

In yet another transformative move, Twitter, now rebranded as X, is undergoing significant changes.

TweetDeck, a popular feature for managing multiple tweet feeds, has now evolved into X Pro, a premium offering available exclusively to paid subscribers.

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This shift marks a pivotal moment in the platform’s evolution under the guidance of Elon Musk.

TweetDeck Transforms into X Pro: The era of free access to TweetDeck has come to an end. Renamed as X Pro, this feature will now require a paid subscription to unlock its capabilities.

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Users are prompted to subscribe to X Pro when attempting to access TweetDeck.

The decision to monetize TweetDeck is expected to impact professionals, journalists, businesspersons, and social media managers who heavily relied on its multitasking capabilities.

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Previous Hints and Current Realities: The parent company, X, had previously announced changes to TweetDeck access, introducing user verification requirements.

Additionally, a promise was made to release an advanced version of TweetDeck with new features within 30 days.

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However, the monetization strategy was not clear at that time. X has now unveiled its intention to offer TweetDeck as a premium service.

X Pro Subscription Details: The introduction of X Pro comes with a tiered subscription plan, known as X Pro Blue.


Users can opt for a monthly subscription at Rs 650 or an annual subscription at Rs 7,800. Notably, a special discounted rate of Rs 6,800 is available for the annual membership.

The transition to X Pro brings an array of enhanced features, such as extended post length, longer video uploads, HD video capabilities, priority ranking in conversations and searches, and more.


All existing Blue features, including tweet editing and bookmark folders, are retained in the X Pro package.

Evolving User Experience: Twitter emphasizes that X Pro enhances the user experience through its expanded feature set.

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This subscription not only caters to the demands of content creators and businesses but also offers tools for more engaging and dynamic interactions on the platform.

Impact and Implications: As Twitter reimagines its landscape under the leadership of Elon Musk, the shift to a subscription model for TweetDeck signals a transformative period for the platform’s business model.

The move has sparked discussions about the changing dynamics of social media monetization and its potential ramifications for professionals and media outlets.

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