TVS Launches Jupiter 125 with Call and Message Notifications for Under ₹1 Lakh

TVS Motor, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, has added a tech-savvy and affordable option to their scooter lineup just in time for the festive season.

The company has launched the TVS Jupiter 125, equipped with SmartXonnect technology, promising a range of conveniences for consumers.

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What sets this scooter apart is its ability to display call and message notifications on its digital screen, all available at a price tag of less than ₹1 lakh.

Smartxonnect Technology Takes Center Stage

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TVS has introduced the TVS Jupiter 125 with the innovative SmartXonnect technology, setting it apart from the crowd.

This advanced feature allows riders to access call and message notifications directly on the scooter’s digital display, enhancing connectivity and convenience.

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Stylish and Connected Riding Experience

The TVS Jupiter 125 offers a connected TFT digital cluster and comes in two attractive color variants.

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This scooter also boasts an array of remarkable features to ensure a superb riding experience.

The integration of SmartXonnect extends the scooter’s range and can be conveniently accessed through the TVS Connect mobile app, available for both Android and iOS users.


Navigating with Ease

In addition to call and message notifications, the TVS Jupiter 125 offers turn-by-turn navigation support, making it easier for riders to find their way.


Voice assistance is also included, enhancing the overall riding experience. However, the notification feature’s potential distractions during traffic jams or on the road should be noted.

Staying Connected Beyond Calls and Messages

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The TVS Jupiter 125 doesn’t stop at call and message notifications; it also keeps riders informed with real-time alerts from social media platforms and popular food and shopping apps.

Live sports enthusiasts can stay updated with live match scores, while weather and news updates are also readily available.

Safety Features

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TVS places a strong emphasis on safety in the Jupiter 125. The scooter is equipped with follow-me headlights, ensuring visibility even after the engine is turned off, for up to 20 seconds. Additionally, hazard lights are included to enhance safety.

Affordable Luxury

With a competitive ex-showroom price of ₹96,855, the TVS Jupiter 125 offers an enticing combination of smart technology and affordability for riders in India.

This news article highlights the launch of the TVS Jupiter 125, focusing on its SmartXonnect technology, call and message notifications, features, and competitive pricing.

It also touches upon the safety and connectivity aspects of this new scooter.


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