TVS Collaborates with Zomato to Deploy 10,000 iQube Electric Scooters

Zomato, the popular food delivery platform, has secured support from TVS Motor Company to enhance its delivery services.

In an exciting partnership, TVS Motors will provide 10,000 iQube Electric Scooters to Zomato, bolstering the company’s electrification efforts.

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These new scooters will significantly contribute to Zomato’s efficient food delivery operations.

During a recent event in Hyderabad, TVS distributed 50 electric scooters to Zomato’s delivery partners, marking the beginning of their collaboration.

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Over the next two years, Zomato will receive a total of 10,000 iQube Electric Scooters from TVS.

Partnership Encompassing Six Key Areas

This partnership encompasses various strategic areas, including product development, charging infrastructure, sustainability objectives, and digital integration.

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TVS’s robust battery-powered scooters will enable Zomato’s delivery partners to undertake eco-friendly last-mile deliveries.

TVS Motors’ Senior Vice President, Manu Saxena, expressed enthusiasm during the event, stating that the success of TVS iQube Electric Scooter has prompted the expansion of their electric business into multiple segments.

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The provision of last-mile delivery options is crucial for promoting the widespread adoption of electric scooters.

Charging Access for Delivery Personnel

TVS Motors emphasizes the importance of providing Zomato’s delivery partners with convenient access to charging stations.


These stations will be strategically located within the delivery partner’s vicinity, ensuring smooth operations and uninterrupted deliveries.

Zomato Aims for 100% Electric Vehicle Adoption by 2030

Rinshul Chandra, Chief Operations Officer at Zomato, expressed the company’s commitment to achieving 100% electric vehicle adoption by 2030.


Zomato proudly joins Climate Group’s EV100 Campaign, becoming the first food ordering and delivery platform to do so.

Chandra further revealed that Zomato is partnering with 50 companies in the electric vehicle ecosystem,

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with the goal of onboarding 100,000 EV-based delivery partners over the next two years.


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