Train Ticket Rules: Can Someone Else Travel on Your Train Ticket? Know Railways Regulations

Every day, a diverse cross-section of travelers, from the less privileged to the affluent, relies on Indian trains for their journeys.

Indian Railways stands among the world’s most extensive rail networks, catering to passengers from all walks of life.

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While numerous rules aim to provide passengers with various conveniences, some regulations can be perplexing for travelers.

One common query revolves around whether another person can travel on your train ticket.

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Railways’ Warnings Against Ticket Agents

Indian Railways periodically cautions passengers against procuring tickets through unauthorized agents.

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Purchasing tickets from such agents can result in additional costs, and the Railways strongly advises against this practice.

Transferring a Train Ticket

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If you possess a confirmed ticket and, for some reason, cannot undertake the journey yourself, there is a provision to transfer your ticket to another individual.

However, this process is subject to specific terms and conditions. Ticket transfers are permissible within the passenger’s immediate family, including parents, siblings, children, spouses, and so forth.


It’s important to note that this ticket transfer can be executed only once. The passenger’s name is removed from the ticket, and the recipient’s name is inserted in its place.

Advance Application Requirement


To initiate this transfer, you must apply in advance, adhering to certain timelines. Government employees traveling for official duty can make such a request up to 24 hours before the train’s departure.

The ticket will then be transferred to the nominated individual’s name. In case of individuals traveling for weddings or other events, the organizers must apply with the necessary documentation at least 48 hours in advance.

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Moreover, many of these processes can be accomplished online for added convenience.

How to Transfer a Train Ticket?

  1. Obtain a printout of the ticket.
  2. Visit the reservation counter at your nearest railway station.
  3. Carry valid identification proof, such as an Aadhar or Voter ID card, for the individual for whom the ticket is to be transferred.
  4. Apply for the ticket transfer at the reservation counter.

By understanding and adhering to these regulations, passengers can ensure a hassle-free ticket transfer process when needed.

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