Top 5 Beautiful Countries Indians Can Visit Without a Visa (See List)

Dreaming of international travel? Good news! There are stunning destinations around the globe where Indian travelers can jet off without the hassle of obtaining a visa.

Say goodbye to canceled plans and embrace the freedom to explore these beautiful countries.

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1. Maldives: Tropical Paradise Awaits

Indulge your love for beaches in the Maldives, a tropical haven that captivates with its serene coves and world-class resorts.

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With a generous 90-day visa-free stay, you can soak in the luxury of this island paradise at your leisure.

2. Seychelles: 115 Islands of Natural Beauty

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Seychelles, composed of 115 tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, beckons with perpetual summer and breathtaking natural beauty.

While visa-free, securing a pleasant 30-day experience requires permission from the Seychelles Immigration Department.

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3. Indonesia: Temples, Traditions, and Tropical Bliss

Embark on a journey to Indonesia, where a visa on arrival awaits Indian travelers, valid for one month and extendable.


Explore historical temples, immerse yourself in traditional music and dance in Bali, and revel in the allure of beachside beauty.

4. Mauritius: A 90-Day Sojourn in Paradise


Mauritius invites Indian visitors without the need for a visa, granting a generous 90-day stay.

Uncover the wonders of Black River Gorges National Park, Belle Meyer Pledge Beach, and more in this enchanting island destination.

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5. Fiji: Island Retreat for 120 Days

For those yearning for an island getaway, Fiji is the perfect choice. Discover charming villages, explore the Suva Garden of Sleeping Giant, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Fiji for up to 120 days, visa-free.

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